We all love to go on holiday, especially when we are going abroad, however, for some people flying may be very problematic. A year ago we were joined on our European vacation by a friend with some rather simple mobility issues. It altered the completion of the experience, even though we thought we were prepared for it. Then you need to put a few more plans in place than an able bodied person, if you suffer from a disability. For a lot of people with a disability long haul traveling can quickly become a nightmare, especially if you haven’t prepared correctly, so below you will find a few tips that should help you get your holiday off to a good start. Trip Preparation * Be sure you have enough of your medication to last for the holiday plus an extra week. * Always put your medicine in your hand luggage never let it go in the hold. * In some countries in the Middle East and Asia medications that may be legal in the USA and Europe may not be legal there so check online. * Some countries require you to carry a doctors letter confirming your medications, again you will need to check online with the countries medical requirements. * Make sure you have let the airline know you are disabled and that you will require a wheelchair or other assistance, you should do this when you book. Then phone them as soon as you can and they will make a note of it for you, if you haven’t. * Also, when you book, order a “special meal” as this will mean you get your food before everyone else, and therefore finish first giving you easier access to the toilets, otherwise you get big queues after the food has been served. Have A Pleasant Flight * Your holiday starts as soon as you leave for the airport and if you are disabled and have an early AM flight then this can cause problems, especially with people who need time for the medication to work and joints to ease up. It is much better if you stay in the airport hotel overnight, that way you get longer in bed and it only takes a few minutes to get to the check-in, and you will arrive much more relaxed. * Make sure at the check-in they order your wheelchair, or call for assistance to help you, this is free in the majority of airports. * You should arrive at your gate with plenty of time to spare, so if the assistant has left you at a coffee shop in the airport, do not fret they have not forgotten you. * Once at the gate the elderly, disabled, and those with kids are allowed to board. * When the doors are closed, if the flight is not full and you see better seats, call for a flight attendant and ask if you can move, in most cases they will say yes. * If you need to change flights, an assistant will be there to help you, but you do need to wait for everyone else to leave the plane. In Conclusion: Travel Offers a Better Life For Everyone If you asked me about my trip to Norway I can go into great detail about what I did and who I was with even though that trip was many years ago. Travel has enriched my life in so many ways. Traveling doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive either. This coming weekend might be a great time for a little travel of your own. When time and money permit, I love to go on long extended vacations that take me to places that are very different from my everyday world. For example, I live in an urban setting so I love to see places that are not covered in high-rise buildings and asphalt. Traveling to see snow-covered mountains where you can look for miles and miles without seeing so much as a single house is appealing to me. On the flip side, if you live in the country, you might want to visit an urban center such as New York City and marvel at the hustle and bustle of mega-city life. Traveling makes this all possible. Imagine if none of us traveled at all? I plan on doing much more travel. Keep in mind that flying can be a pain in the backside for able bodied people, but if you follow these tips then at least you will be a lot more relaxed and comfortable for the flight. Source: fly jet fighter


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