If you are passionate about food, France is mostly one of the countries to travel to. And especially more now as I have uncovered one of the best propositions so far for any food enthusiast: a food holiday in France where you get to cook with some of the best chefs in the world. Here is what it says on the cover: Enjoy a cooking holiday in France, learning cooking techniques and recipes from some of the best chefs. Cook fine food at the Alain Ducasse cooking school, pastries at Le Nôtre, and molecular dishes in the kitchen of a specialist chef in molecular gastronomy. Explore French food and wines during this cookery holiday in Paris. This is a 5 night food holiday in the heart of French cuisine and gastronomy. Learn and improve your skills, prepare dishes with fresh and seasonal ingredients. And to pair the delicious food, we have added wine tasting courses with some of the best sommeliers in town, as well as a fabulous lunch on a river boat to cruise the Seine River whilst enjoying some of the iconic Parisian landmarks. Accommodation is fantastic as well, staying in one of the palaces in Paris. What I like about the holiday is that it offers great cooking, but also gives you time on your own to expore Paris. There are things you want to do on your own, not having to follow a guide, and this is exactly what they have managed to deliver – a great cooking holiday in Paris, with fantastic accommodation, and time for yourself. Can you imagine that you will be cooking in one of the best cookery school in the world – Alain Ducasse school, and some of the best for pastries at Le Nôtre. I personally think this is my kind of holiday, I just need to work hard and save hard as well as this 6 days 5 nights cooking holiday costs about 3800 euros for 2 people sharing. If you want to know more: Food holiday in Paris

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