Finland is an extreme country. It can be extremely cold. It can be extremely sunny with non stop daylight. And the country is also extremely “populated” with lakes. It is called the ‘Land of a Thousand Lakes’, which is an understatement as the country has more than 180,000 lakes. In winter these relatively shallow lakes freeze over and merge into the surrounding snow-covered land allowing for ice skating. Between June and August, the lakes transform into a patchwork of waterways, studded with islands and bordered by emerald pine, spruce and silver birch forests. Before roads were built, steamers and long boats were the main form of transport in this part of the country, and manmade canals and locks connect many of the lakes to create an extraordinary system of navigable waterways. It is no surprise then that a highlight of travelling in Finland in summer is a lake cruise. Seeing the region along some of the longest inland ferry journeys in Finland is a lot of boat travel, but the Nordic summer days linger, and you can hop on and off along the way, savouring the bucolic charms of Lakeland’s most interesting and serene waterside towns. Bon voyage – or as they say in Finland. Want to know more ?

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