We’re all about bringing the FUN! back into a hotel stay but sometimes, it’s hard to motivate to leave the hotel room, especially after a long day of shopping travel, partying meetings or Instagramming your feet on the beach exploring. Eden Roc Miami Beach totally understands how tired you are, which is why they are now offering to bring the fun up to your room, cleverly pairing traditional board games with decadent room service items. Here are the six new additions to the room service menu:

· Twisted Oysters: Twister board game, a dozen oysters, and a bottle of Dom Perignon ($450)

· Mouse Trap: Mouse Trap board game, charcuterie board with assorted cured meats, spreads, cheeses, and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon ($150)

· Sugar Foot: Candy Land board game, Eden Roc Cotton Candy, Pop Roc candy, and a bottle of Grape Ciroc ($300)

· Royal Flush: Signature deck of Eden Roc playing cards, spicy jerky, and a bottle of Crown Royal ($300)

· Elizabeth?s Passion: Yahtzee, Hershey?s chocolate Syrup, Beluga caviar, French fries, cheeseburger fondue, and a bottle of vodka and Kahlua ($450)

· Blue Eye Mayhem: Eden Roc Chess Board or Pin the Tail on The…, stuffed artichokes, arugula salad, fusilli with garlic and anchovies, veal cutlets Milanese, lemon ricotta torte and followed up with a box of cigars and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select. ($500. If you add a napkin signed by Frank Sinatra, who frequented the hotel in the Rat Pack days, then $4,000.)

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