Many people are attracted to some weird and often dark places. This is has the taken the name of “Dark Tourism”. You can visit cemeteries where famous people are buried, travel back to POW camps and other infamous places, some of which have become landmarks in their own right. Some will head there for the history and to make sure it sticks to the memory, others will travel there for the “weird” feel of the place. Whatever your reasons, here are some of this dark places you can travel to.

Père Lachaise: Not many cemeteries have their own website and not many graves have their own security guard. But Jim Morrison’s grave at Père Lachaise does. Actually, it’s pretty grotty, so check out those of Maria Callas, Oscar Wilde or Chopin instead.

Colosseum: In one 117-day killing spree at the Colosseum, Roman Emperor Trajan pitted 9,000 gladiators and 10,000 animals against each other. That’s got to get him a big thumbs down.

Colditz: Head to Colditz and enjoy your visit. The most infamous POW camp in Germany is now a hostel.

Jack the Ripper Tours: Follow a trail of bloody murders through the streets of Victorian London. For maximum effect, book in winter when the streets will be dark and, if you’re really lucky, foggy.

Titan missile museum: Tucson, Arizona proudly presents ‘the only ICBM site in the world with a Titan II missile in the launch silo’. Wow! Step back into the ’60s at this dinosaur of the Cold War and press the big red button yourself.

Grutas Park: Relive the suffering of a gulag at the Soviet oppression theme park of Stalin World in Lithuania.

Vilnius KGB Prison: Guides are always good, but as you look round the former KGB headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, you might notice your guide seems to know more than you’d expect. He should – he’s a former inmate.

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